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WeiFang JunLong Casting Co.,Ltd

Add:The eighth road of fang zi area,Weifang City,Shandong Province,China

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  We listen carefully to the client's request, and give the greatest support,which is to make 100% precision and accurate products. When the product appears unforeseen problems or customers have special requirements, we will immediately deal with treatment, give full support for customers in order to give the prefect goods they wanted as soon as possible.

  Our company has  the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, monitoring and measurement of process always implement the entire production process, corrective and preventive measures always applied in time, which control strictly the quality for products .We has the effective integration of process and continuous improvement, which is to ensure the quality management mechanism has an effective operation,then enhance customer satisfaction and trust, so as to making our company become a worldwide  supplier to provide good quality products and good services .

product inspection:

  For characteristics of your product requirements, we  adopt different methods and various testing equipment to do test measurements and inspection  identification  for product quality to ensure our products fully meet the specific requirements of The ISO 9001 Product Quality Standard System.

  For every delivery and every sample, we will provide the product inspection reports and product material inspection certificate.


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